Internet detrimental impact in our world

Essay title or question:
Title: Internet detrimental impact in our world

Approach verbsIdeas to be explored
PresentThe role of internet in our daily life
Briefly discussThe advantages and disadvantages of internet in our world
Discuss in details 
The how internet has led our life to the worst
Possible solution to tackle the problems associated with internet

Issues to be considered:

Support / data:

Possible source for support
Economic growth
McKinsey, 2011
Cyber-attack and how to stop it
Bad education


Cyber bullyingCBSNEWS,2010

List of references

  1. Aton, G. (2009) Internet and mobile phones are ‘damaging education’. Available at: (Accessed: 2 March 2017).
  2. Cole, J. 2000. The Impact of the Internet on Our Social, Political and Economic Life.The UCCLA Center for communication Policy.
  1. CBS. (2010), cyber bullying continues after teens death, March 29, 2010, Accessed: 01/04/2017
  1. B., and Sahoo, J., (2010), A Critical Analysis of Its Impact on Personal and Social Life.The Special Issue on Arts and Social Science Centre for Promoting Ideas, USA. International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol. 2 No. 14.
  1. McKinsey, A. (2011) The great transformer: The impact of the Internet on economic growth and prosperity. Available at: (Accessed: 1 March 2017)
  1. Nie, 2000.Study of social Consequences of the Internet, Stanford Institute of the Quantitative Studyof Society (SIQSS),.
  2. Scott, C. (2015) How to stop cyber-attacks on your organization. Available at: (Accessed: 2 March 2017).
  1. Ramasubbu,S.,( 2016).Influence of Social Media on Teenagers. Co-founder & CEO, Updated May 26, 2016.

Source Evaluation (25% of total reading mark for the module) IFY and IY1: Complete the table below for FOUR of the sources you have found. PM: Complete the table for SIX sources.

 Topic: Internet detrimental impact in our world
Bibliographic details of sourceBrief evaluation of sourceRelevant ideas from source for this essay section (in own words)How do these ideas strengthen your argument?
Nie,2000It is a credible sources, due to its containing evidence supporting the fact that internet changing our life to the worse and good. For example ,the writer did this by comparing the life before and after the advent of internet. However, the source is out-dated.Internet has changed human’s life. It has booth advantages and disadvantages.Strengthen my introduction which proclaims that internet has both advantages and disadvantages
Aton 2009
Less credible resource
The subject was not presented in an academic way. There author does not have degree in social science. There was no evidence to support the writers claims
Mobile phones result in bad educationCorrelated the level of education with using internet inappropriately
McKinsey 2011The source is quite credible, with clear academic numerical statistics data presented. The data presented are cited in many other researches, which makes the source reliable.The economic  benefits internet broughtsupport the point that internet has great economics’ benefits
Das and Sahoo, 2010The source is reliable due to the fact that the writer wrote it academically, also he used academic statistics to support his argumenthow internet had bad social effects on teenagers. Youths have worse social life as they have less privacy.Mentioned information showing that internet has detrimental effects on the social life.


Essay Outline
What are problems arises from using internet? And how to prevent them
Since the advent of technology, human’s life has been experiencing a dramatic social change. The internet has brought a great change to human’s life in all fields. On one hand, it is believed that the economy has positively affected due to the presence of internet. In addition, communication has also improved since the internet has been used by public. On the other hand, it also claimed that there are  certain drawbacks associated with the presence of internet. This aim of this paper is to highlight some of the serious drawbacks associated with internet, and propose suitable solutions to avoid these drawbacks
Thesis statement: Despite the advantages that internet brought, there are serious issues associated with it that needs to be tackled.
1st paragraph
Topic sentence – there are advantages internet brought

  • Economy improvement(Micknsey ,2011)
  • Better communication (Nie, 2000)

Concluding sentence: there are certain advantages internet has.
2nd paragraph
Topic sentence – Since the time internet was used, certain individual and social issues have arisen.

  • Addiction, resulting less productivity(Das and Sahoo ,2010)
  • Causes Mental illness (Ramasubbu, 2016)
  • No privacy (Das and Sahoo ,2010)
  • Cyber-bullying (CWSNEWS, 2010)
  • Concluding sentence: social media lessens efficiency among working individuals and exhibits damage to outputs

possible solutions:
Concluding sentence:  there are certain advantages internet has.
3nd paragraph
Topic sentence – there should be certain actions taken to prevent internet from destroying the individual and social life

  • School supervision (Ramasubbu, 2016)
  • Rehab(Das and Sahoo ,2010)
  • Concluding sentence: social media lessens efficiency among working individuals and exhibits damage to outputs

Despite, the great benefits we had from internet there are certain disadvantages that need to be treated. The government and the individuals need to collaborate to tackle the problems associated with internet.

Main Body Paragraph Number :
Main Point:3

Although  there are certain advantages internet brought to our modern world, the disadvantages are believed to be more serious and demand urgent solutions. Scott believes that the education quality is believed to be affected adversely by technology in general and internet in specific (2015). He claimed that people nowadays tend to rely on the internet to solve scientific problems they used to solve with it well before the internet was invented. In addition, cyber-attack and cyber-bullying are considered to be one of the most issues that became present in our world, and threatened individual and countries as a whole (CBSNEWS, 2010). The sources claimed that thief’s do not need to physically  steal, but rather they can do it using internet. Talking about health, internet addiction and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety found to correlate.

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