Does the U. S Policies create Terrorism

Does the U. S Policies create Terrorism

Terrorism is a very complicated phenomenon that has a variety of causes. The issue of
terrorism has hard hit many of the countries across the globe and the U.S has not been spared
form this attack. The wave of terrorism that is being experienced throughout the world is a very
serious issue and there is a need to understand the causes of the acts of terrorism in different
parts of the world. One of the major issues that have been seen to cause the wind of terrorism is
the policies that the United States creates (Washington's Blog, 2014) . The foreign policy that has
been created by the United States has led to the radicalization of the Middle East in the eyes of
the United States. As a result, the United States has moved majority of their soldiers to the
Middle East to combat the feared threat of terrorism. As a result, terror has been created in these
countries by the threats that the United States is going to attack them. The United States of
America has through its military forces and with the help of some of the Middle East people
overthrown prominent people who had held these countries together. A good example is the
overthrowing of the Iran Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in the year 1953 by the CIA, an
event that led to the rise of the Mullahs (Washington's Blog, 2014) . This has led to the rise of
terrorist group such as the Al-Qaeda and recently the Isis that is created havoc in many states.
United States of America has also been known to support the fundamentalist Islamic
radicalsin Saudi Arabia by funding their Madrassa schools. At the same time, there has been an
attack at the moderate Arabs in these countries, an issue that has led to the proliferation of the
harsh Arabs that have led to the creation of the terrorist groups. In the fight against terrorism that
has been carried out by the United Nations to the Middle East countries such as Iraq, there has
been a massive killing of people (Rosenberg, 2013) . Though the target is on the terrorist groups,

there has been a massive killing of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in these
states. This has been made even worse by the bombings that the United States has carried out in
these countries. As a result of killing many innocent people, there has been the creation of
enmity by these people to the people of the United States. For every terroristthat the United
States government kills, it created a hundred of enemies and these are the same people who turn
to these countries as the terrorists (Rosenberg, 2013) .
The United States through its foreign policies on terrorism has attacked different
countries in the Middle East and replaced the leaders who are seen to be the ones who lead
terrorism with other leaders chosen by the United States. The recent event was the capture and
murder of Saddam Hussein and his replacement with Nuri Al Maliki. This rapid change of
governments has led to the rise of the groups that had been suppressed by the former regime.
These groups come together in order to be able to protect the interests of their people. As a
result, these rising groups rise to gain power and form terrorist groups. These groups rise because
the foreign policy of the United States against terrorism does not safeguard them from the
oppression of the reinstated governments. The continued oppression of the Sunnis by Maliki led
to the formation of groups to liberate them. When this group grew to maturity, it came to be
known as the ISIS (Durani, 2014) . In the end, there was the creation of a terrorist group in the
pretence of combating terrorism.

Does the U.S. Use Terrorism as Part of It Foreign Policy

The United States has been using terrorism as part of its foreign policy. The way that the
United Stateshas been treating the states that have been seen as the ones that leads terrorism
could only be compared to terrorism. The United States through attacking the terrorist groups has
shed blood and led to the loss of life of very many innocent men, women, and children in the

Middle East and especially Iraq. Terrorism is considered as terrorism because of the massive
attack by a group of armed people on another group of innocent people. This is what the United
States army has been doing according to the directions of the U.S foreign policies on the battle
against terrorism. The reason why the United States set out its foot to the Middle East was to
fight the terrorist groups (Boardman, 2013) . However, due to the lack of proper identification
skills and the use of dangerous weapons such as bombs, the U.S has killed many people who
have not been involved in the act of terrorism.
The way the United States has been working out its affairs in the countries that have been
accused of perpetrating terrorism could be likened to the act of terrorism. This is because the
United States have in some instances been funding radicalized Arabs and their Madrassas so that
the can assist them in eliminating the leaders that they are targeting. This act of financing the
radicalized Arabs so that they can attack and eliminate the leaders that these people have been
avoiding is similar to the act of terrorism (Pillar, 2001) . By funding them and giving them
weapons so that the can perform the will of the United States has been the act of using terrorism
to combat terrorism.
Another manner that the U.S has led to the use of terrorism as a part of the foreign policy
has been the way the U.S has been overthrowing leaders and replacing them with other leaders
who have continued to perpetrate the atrocities that were being committed by these leaders. A
good example is the way that Saddam Hussein was overthrown and replaced with Maliki. Instead
of Maliki ending the oppression the Saddam was doing to the Sunnis, he continued with the same
oppression (Washington's Blog, 2014) . The United States need to give the people of these
countries the freedom to choose the leader that they want to have and safeguard their interests.
The authoritarian mode of government that the U.S has introduced in these countries can be

compared to the atrocities that are committed by the terrorists on their targets. Therefore, it is
very eminent that the United States has been using acts of terrorism in their foreign policy that
has been aimed at combating terrorism.



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