Developmental Psychology

Final project is based in a research review in the area of Developmental Psychology. Thus far you have been introduced to the scientific process, expository writing, primary, secondary and tertiary sources.chose the topic but it must be related to this area and not used in any other course. You can choose anything that interested you or a topic you previously researched- although you need to provide new material for this assignment. Some good topics are on relationships, dating and mating behavior, love, gender identity, attachment and relationships, effects of divorce, obesity and eating disorders, self-esteem, and they can be further divided up according to the lifespan (eg.; eating disorders among teens).YOU MAY USE YOUR RESEARCH ARTICLE TO SATISY THE PRIMARY RESOURCE REQUIREMENT. Insert it into your paper making the corrections I might have suggested. Some students did not do the assignment, some did not use a primary source- you will have to find one and complete it for this assignment.1. Tertiary source- media, wkipedia, newpapers…). This is the least reliable source. Summarize your findings in about 300 words.2. Secondary Source: Summarize your article or topic by reviewing a secondary source. Write a 500 word essay summarizing your topic and what you have learned in the article you have read. You must choose a source that is reputable and scholarly, not a blog. Your article should be long enough to provide you with enough material to write about. Below your essay provide the reference for your source; you can use MLA or APA style. Below the reference paste in the link form your browser so I can access the article. You must use your own words and you will be penalized for paraphrasing, using too many quotes, or using the author’s words.3. Primary Source: Review one journal article containing an experiment (not a research review) according to the numbered format I provide in the menu tab. Use your own words except for the abstract which will require you to cut and paste. Make sure you fully explain your findings in your wording, so make sure you choose an article that is easy to understand. Use the links I provided in the menu tab for research- there is a new one which will help you find a journal article.(FORMAT)Journal Research/ Primary source: Assignment FormatI have given you an example of a primary research article- A journal article. Research in psychology follows an orderly format. Research articles either experiments or review articles. Review articles are not experiments but they systemically review a field of study. For this assignment, you will need to find an experiment in a journal or ‘research,’ and what constitutes a ‘primary source.’ Follow the outline below in your research assignment and number your responses. Consult your syllabus for a detailed description of this assignment.You must use your own wording. If I see that you have cut and paste portions of the article other than the abstract, you will not receive credit for the assignment. If I cannot open or find the article, you will not receive credit for the assignment. Remember that you need to write this review as if the reader has little idea of what the study entails- explain it well! If the article is overwhelming, find another! 1a. Title and Authors (you may cut and paste)1b. ABSTRACT (This is a summary of the study) Cut and paste the abstract in this section)2. Literature review or Introduction. You will notice that they give a little history of the field or the topic. The authors will detail the history of the field. They will leave an ‘attribution’ for every finding after each sentence. In other words, they will tell the reader who did what and when- (Hopper 2016) using parentheses. This is not a quote nor can you use it as such. It is only meant meant to communicate information to the reader.Summarize the field and give some background. 3. What was the hypothesis of the study? What are they looking for? (What were they testing? cite all of them if there is more than one).3b. What theory or theories did they discuss as pertinent to their work?4. Who were the subjects?5. What did the experimenters do? Was this a survey, an experiment, an observation? Look in the “Methods” for this information.6. In the “Discussion” section the researchers explain their findings. List what they found as a result of this study.7. What was their conclusion? Do they recommend more testing?8. Now that you have read this study, what is your opinion to its relevance to human development. If you were a researcher would you take it to another level?9. Cite the study using the APA format.10. Paste in the link to the study.Note: I have given you formats and each one is a bit different because articles are different. You can use any format I give you. This one asks you to give a summary of the area (question 2) however it’s usually necessary to do this at some point. Some students use question #3 to summaraize the field. The point is to describe the study in your own words and in enough depth that anyone will understand what went on. 4. Review Article: What is a review article? Journals also contain review articles. You can earn bonus points if you can give me a review article reference and link for your topic. Therefore if you have a problem with any of the above, you can make up the credit.Separate the parts of this assignment using the numbering 1-4 as I have given you. Follow the format for Primary Sources.this is my final project, and it does not matter with me which topic you choose 🙂 thank you!

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