Canadian Identity


Canada is among the most diverse country in terms of language, religion and race. Although English and French are the main national language, Canada has continued to uphold on its tradition values by appreciating traditional practices and tribes especially of the aboriginal community. The culture of the Canada dates back to the early arrival of French settlers in the 17th century, Scottish, English and other settlers who arrived in Canada forming the early cultural mix  (Frideres, 2008)

This paper examines the Canadian identify and what exactly it means to be a Canadian.

Canadian Identity

            As the second largest country in the world with unique physical features, Canadians have often been characterized with their geographical structure. Geographical appearance of Canada is characterized with picturesque mountains and prairie fields which are often displayed on the media whenever referring to Canada. However, it is important to understand that the identity of Canadians has undergoes tremendous transformation and it goes beyond the geographical landscape. The identity of Canada has continued to changes especially because of its connection and relationship with the United States. Traditionally, Canada was often viewed as slightly backward country but it has continued to growth to a point of being identified for its progressive outlook.  Canada has continued to improve its global brand through by remaining un-Americanness and a unique Canadian experiences (Sinha, 2015).

            Aside from the influence from U.S, the Canadian identity is that of a country with a very unique culture and characteristics that makes Canadians to be very different from other people in the world. The culture of the Canada dates back to the early arrival of French settlers in the 17th century, Scottish, English and other settlers who arrived in Canada forming the early cultural mix. The early Canadian identity was majorly dominated and conflicted between the English Canadians and the French Canadians. This is the main reason why English and French are the two national languages of Canada. The struggle for identity in the Canada affected both English settlers and French settlers, prompting the need to embrace diversity. Like the U.S, Canada is also a very diverse country with English and French making a big portion of the population. Although the French occupied a big part of the country, the English settlers were able to become an influential part of the country because of the influence of the U.S (Sinha, 2015).

Aboriginal influence in Canadian Identity

            The aboriginals have also contributed much to the artistic culture and the diversity of Canada. Over the years, Canada has continued to strategize and establish measures to promote tolerance and integration among the citizens. Earlier on, aboriginals and setters from other countries were considered as part country. Today, Canadian identity is identified with increase in ethno-racial diversity, religious diversity and increased linguistic diversity (Deer, 2013).


            With progress made by the country over 150 years, Canada has established institution to safeguard and protect the rights of every individual in the country. Canada prides for its cultural diversity and gender equality that has continued to make the country favorable for every citizen. Canadian women are empowered to fully participate in the social and economic development in addition to protecting the human right of every person. Unlike the U.S whose identity is based on the national language, Canadians identity is on the traditional values of promoting coexistence regardless of the language difference and other physical factors (Frideres, 2008).


            Canada is one of the culturally diverse countries with English and French being the dominant groups. Because of the diversity, the country has continued to develop measures to promote inclusivity in the social and economic progress of other groups including the aboriginal and the Chinese. Canada has continued establish measures to improve diversity and cultural diversity in addition to protecting the rights of every citizen. In Canada, women are provided with equal opportunity to participate the socioeconomic factors.


Deer, F. (2013). Aboriginal identity: A perspective on hegemony and the implications for Canadian citizenship. in education, 17(3).

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