The Unit 8 Assignment consists of a 7–8-page paper (excluding the title and

reference pages). In this Assignment, you will be demonstrating your ability to

evaluate the impact of personal and socio-cultural influences on ethical

decision-making in addictions counseling. You will also be analyzing legal and

ethical factors and determining appropriate actions when faced with a complex

ethical situation in addictions counseling.

For this Assignment, you are a member of a treatment team. Ben, a licensed

addictions counselor on the team, is presenting the following case and asking

the team for recommendations.

View Maria’s Case Study


Maria | Case Study_____________________________ Welcome to this treatment team

meeting about my client, Maria. I’ like to get your consultation on this

case.Maria is a 33-year-old Hispanic female with a strong Catholic background.

As a freshman in college, she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality

Disorder. The diagnosis was reaffirmed three years ago by one of my colleagues.

Maria however, has had difficulty coping with her mental illness. She abruptly

quits jobs when she feels they become too stressful.Due to uncontrollable

feelings of stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, she has self-

medicated, abusing opiates, alcohol, and other prescription medications. She

admits to having numerous sexual relationships with men since age 20. One of

these encounters 6 years ago resulted in an unwanted pregnancy and the birth of

a son. Her 5-year-old child is now being raised by her parents.Recently, after a

difficult breakup with a boyfriend, Maria attempted suicide by overdosing on her

prescription medications. Her mother found her unconscious and called 911. While

in the hospital, the staff psychiatrist changed her diagnosis from Borderline

Personality Disorder to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Maria was then discharged

from the hospital and referred to a substance abuse treatment facility. At the

substance abuse treatment facility she was assigned to me as her primary

counselor for substance abuse problems.At the time of the referral from the

hospital, I had little information on her other than her previous Borderline

Personality Disorder diagnosis had been changed to a Post-Traumatic Stress

Disorder diagnosis. After observing her mental health symptoms, I concurred that

this was her correct diagnosis. When Maria was informed about her misdiagnosed

mental illness she became upset and angry about how her life had been ruined by

wrong treatment. She vowed she is going to sue the counselor who misdiagnosed

her.During counseling with me, Maria informed her counselor that at age 9, her

mother divorced her father and left the family home. Because her father was an

  • alcoholic, she was placed by CPS with her aunt and uncle. While staying with heraunt and uncle’s house she was repeatedly sexually abused by her uncle, from age9 to 14. She confides in you that her Uncle took her virginity at the age of 14.She reported the abuse to her aunt after the final sexual encounter with heruncle, but her aunt became extremely angry and dismissed the allegations, due tothe “taboos” surrounding sexual abuse in their culture. She also once discussedthe sexual abuse with me in therapy. She says that she feels comfortablediscussing her issues with me, however, at times, her manner toward me isflirtatious, and she also wears provocative clothing to sessions. Since she hasbeen released from inpatient treatment, she has found employment with a localagency as a Spanish interpreter and rented a one-room apartment in town. She hasbeen prescribed Wellbutrin for her depressive symptoms and admits that she is nolonger using opiates and alcohol. She reports feeling fearful sometimes with menwho physically remind her of her uncle. At this time, she feels that she isstable enough to gain partial custody of her son and now states that she wantsto resume the responsibility of raising her son. She has asked me to testify incourt on her behalf and to also dispute her misdiagnosis of BorderlinePersonality Disorder. She is currently filing a malpractice suit against thecoworker who diagnosed her with Borderline Personality Disorder. We arecurrently scheduled to appear in court in a week. Any feedback or guidance aboutthis case would be appreciated.Ben is coming to the treatment team to gain insight about Maria’s case and whatis allowable for him to discuss in court. For this week’s Assignment, write a 7–8-page essay (excluding title and reference pages) answering the followingquestions.Please discuss the below ethical concerns in this case:1. What is Ben’s responsibility to set boundaries with the client?2. What is Ben’s ethical responsibility to report the conflicting diagnoses tohis colleague?3. Are there any ethical concerns requiring reporting of domestic violence/abusein Maria’s case scenario? Provide rationale.4. Is it appropriate for Ben to continue as her counselor due to the legalproceedings against his colleague?5. In terms of responding to the subpoena, what are Ben’s options?6. In terms of confidentiality, what is Ben ethically and legally allowed todiscuss in the court proceedings?7. What is Ben’s responsibility within his scope of practice towards Maria toprovide adequate treatment for the historical causes of her PTSD while at thesame respecting the client’s values and beliefs within her culture?8. What limitations does Ben’s licensure impose on his ability to be an expertwitness in court?9. Is Ben qualified professionally to give recommendations regarding Maria’srequest for custody of her child?10. In regards to this case scenario, identify your own personal bias anddiscuss how your bias could influence the case of Maria.In your paper, be sure to provide the following:• The full-text citation for your texts and articles to support your statements• A title page and reference page with a minimum of three peer-reviewedresources to support your rationale• Theoretical introduction• Conclusion or summaryBe sure to use APA style throughout. The paper should be 7–8 pages not includingfront (title page) and back (reference page) matter. An abstract is notrequired.The paper should:• Follow Assignment directions (review grading rubric for best results).• Use correct APA formatting per the APA Publication Manual , 6th Edition.• Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of originalmaterials in Standard American English.• Be written in Standard American English and be clear, specific, and error-free. If needed, be sure to use the Writing Center for help.• You must utilize at least three scholarly peer-reviewed resources to supportyour paper. Your textbook can be one of the resources. In addition, you should
  • utilize the Codes of Ethics to support your paper.Please include some of these readings into your paper:Unit 8 ReadingRead Chapter 5: “Cultural and Spiritual Dimensions of Addiction Treatment.”Read the following sections in NAADAC. (2016). Code of Ethics: NAADAC/NCC APCode of Ethics. NAADAC: The Association for Addictions Professionals. Retrievedfrom• Principle IV: Working in a Culturally Diverse WorldRead TIP 59 of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse andMental Health Services Administration Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.(2014). Addiction counseling competencies: The knowledge, skills, and attitudesof professional practice. Retrieved from the following document located in the Library:Read Chapter 1 in Backlar, P., & Cutler, D. L. (2002). Ethics in CommunityMental Health Care: Commonplace Concerns. New York, NY: Kluwer Academic/HumanSciences Press, Inc .Flicker, S. M., Waldron, H. B., Turner, W. T., Brody, J. L., & Hops. H. (2008).Ethnic matching and treatment outcome with Hispanic and Anglo substance-abusingadolescents in family therapy. Journal of Family Psychology, 22(3), 439–447.Unit 8 Assignment RubricGrading Criteria– Unit 8 Assignment % – PointsCourse ContentUsing the TAP21, APA, and NADAAC code of ethics, discusses the following inrelation to the case scenario:a. Ethical issues related to setting boundaries with clientb. Ethical considerations with regard to reporting conflicting diagnosesc. Ethical considerations and legal responsibilities regarding the reporting ofdomestic violence/abused. Ethical and legal considerations with regard to subpoenase. Ethical and legal considerations with regard to confidentiality in courtproceedings55Using the TAP21, APA, and NADAAC code of ethics, identifies and discusses thefollowing in relation to the case scenario:a. Ethical considerations and legal responsibilities with regard to acounselor’s obligation to continue therapy during court proceedingsb. Ethical considerations and legal responsibilities with regard to practicingwithin the scope of counselor’s trainingc. Ethical considerations and legal responsibilities with regard to limitationsas expert witness (requirements, training, etc.) and the ability to givetestimony in court proceedingsd. Ethical considerations regarding cultural diversity and potential bias intreating the client in the case scenario55A minimum of three outside scholarly sources are used to show support for theselected methods of behavior change. 20WritingStructure: Clear thesis statement and summary paragraph, complete paragraphs,clear and logical organization throughout, and moves fluidly between sections.Primarily student’s own words with quotes used very sparingly; includes severalreferences to support conclusions. 10Mechanics: Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA style withproper in-text citations, as well as a formal title and reference page. Free oftypographical errors, double spaced, and 7-8 pages in length (not including thecover page or reference page).10
  • Total 150An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the Assignment could bestrengthened will be included with your grade.
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